Playstation 4 User Interface Breakdown

The jump from the PS3 XMB interface to the PS4 interface could understandably be unchartered territory for some, but this trailer just goes to show how user friendly the new interface will be!

As stated before Sony is taking the extra step to involve the social aspect into your Playstation experience. Your dashboard is a somewhat hybrid between an interactive Facebook and the PSN Store.

You’ll be able to like, comment and post messages for your friends to see. If you’re stuck at a particular point in a game and your friend has the solution but you’re not in the same place, you’re able to tune in to your friends game to check it out, all they have to do is press the “share” button. You’ll also be able to chat in a conversation style interface as opposed to the now slow and clunky inbox interface. If you have the Playstation app on your mobile, you’ll also be able to chat from your phone.

Ever felt like the trophy system didn’t quite give you the sense of accomplishment a real “trophy” is supposed to give you? Well now every time you earn that difficult trophy, it’ll be showcased on your friends “Feed”. The number of trophies you have and what kind of trophies are all showcased in a section for your friends viewing pleasure. Basically your “Feed” acts like your Facebook feed, showcasing everything you do, like statuses, comments and videos and people will be able like and comment on these.

The video also showcases the new ability to play games while you’re downloading them. You’ll also be able to download things remotely as Sarah shows you. Say you’re out and about and your friend is at home and just discovered a sick new game, you’ll be able to download it on-the-go in order to be able to play it when you get home.

The new interface also features seamless switching between the game you’re playing and your “Feed” interface.

Something you might not notice the first time is the new microphone and headphones, they’re small and look pretty comfortable. I will just assume you’ll be able to choose between normal headphones and in-ear headphones. Also, when typing a message, instead of using the d-pad you’ll be able to point your controller at the letter to use it. Once again, I’ll just assume you need the Playstation Eye for this.

Basically, the whole Playstation 4 interface has shifted from the XMB to a much more connected and social interface. In a way, this is Sony matching Microsoft’s user friendly interface, and they’ve done it very well.


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