Your Guide To Last of Us Multiplayer “Factions”

Got your hands on the critically acclaimed Last of Us yet? Been playing through the single-player and getting ready to dip your feet into the multiplayer whirlpool? Or just lost in general? Here’s your guide to surviving the 12 week journey.

Game Modes

Currently there are two game modes in the Last of Us multiplayer, Supply Raid and Survivor. In Supply Raid, you and your three other teammates go head to head with another team of four in a Team Deathmatch setting.

Survivor pits you against the other team in a no-respawn, round-based Team Deatmatch game mode. Each match of Survivor is won by winning 4 games. In order to win a round you must eliminate the other team before you get eliminated.


In both Supply Raid and Survivor, the goal is to kill the other team. However, you start off with limited ammunition and differing supplies depending on your “perks”. There are little boxes littered around the map which you can open to acquire more materials in order to construct bombs, shivs and upgraded weapons. In multiplayer you’re able to construct Smoke Bombs, Molotovs, Shrapnel Bombs, Shivs, Medical Packs, and upgraded melee weapons.

Throughout the matches you will also be able to collect “Parts” (identified by the cog image). At the end of the match, the parts you have collected turn into “Supplies” (refer to Ranking Up). During the match, you can use these Parts to purchase your “special” weapon as indicated by the “purchasable weapon” option in your load-out. Essentially, your “Parts” translate into the points you earn per game.

Ranking Up

Ranking up in Factions is a little bit different than other games. The ranking system is based upon your “clan” of survivors and your ability to collect enough supplies to keep the clan happy and healthy. As mentioned above, throughout matches you’ll be able to collect “Parts” which translate into supplies at the end of the match, you’ll also be able to collect supplies from people you kill or objectives you complete.

Each match is considered a “day”, you begin at Week One, Day One, which is essentially “Rank 1”. As there are seven days in a week, seven matches will bring you to Week Two. This feeds directly into completing the Firefly and Hunter journeys (Trophy). For the trophy you are required to play 84 matches, which translates into 12 weeks. It is possible to go beyond 12 weeks.

As you complete matches and keep your clan happy and healthy, more people will join your clan. Essentially whenever people join your clan, you are “ranking up”. Based on your performance, different amount of people join your clan. The more people in your clan, the more supplies are needed to keep them happy and healthy.

To add on to the stress of collecting enough supplies along with completing the objectives of the given match, once you survive a couple of days the game will through “Assignments” at you. Every now and then you are prompted to accept an assignment in order to keep your clan safe and healthy. These assignments require you to do certain things like down opponents or assassinate opponents with certain weapons a certain number of times. Should you fail to complete these assignments, you clan will take some damage. Of course, the assignments will get progressively harder as you venture into further weeks.

Similarly, if you are unable to collect enough supplies, you clan will bear the brunt of it. If you manage to fail in providing enough supplies to your clan consistently, they may all die off and you’ll be reverted to Week One, Day One.

Collecting supplies, gaining survivors and progressing through weeks will also see you unlocking certain customization options for your multiplayer character. From trivial apparel to weapons and perks, these are all unlocked along your journey to give you the ability to create custom load-outs at later levels once you outgrow the standardized classes.


Last of Us multiplayer requires you to not only be skilled in shooting, but also crafting and using the weapons your craft in particular ways. For example, you can set booby-traps with the Shrapnel Bomb by placing them in heavy traffic areas or sneaky corners. Molotov bombs, if aimed right can land you and insta-kill. Here’s what you need to construct these potentially tide-changing weapons.

Molotov – 1x Binding, 1x Alcohol, 1x Cloth

Shrapnel Bomb – 1x Blade, 1x Binding, 1x Explosive

Smoke Bomb – 1x Explosive, 1x Sugar

Shiv – 1x Binding, 1x Blade

Upgrade Melee Weapon – 1x Melee Weapon, 1x Binding, 1x Blade

Medical Pack – 1x Alcohol, 1x Cloth

All these materials can be obtained by opening toolboxes littered around the map. In Supply Raid, you keep the items you pick up through death, so you can come back strong with a molotov straight away. Also, don’t forget to purchase your upgraded weapon with your “Parts”, that can also sway the game in your favor.

How To Win

When I first played Last of Us I lost like eight times in a row. Losing eight times in a row can teach you a lot about the game. Factions is focused on teamwork and stealth. If you’re running off on your own, unless you get the drop on the enemy team you’re going to die. If you do get the drop on them, you’ll best be taking one or two of them. You want to move as a team and stick together. If you have a mic or your team has a mic, your chances of survival are instantly improved because you’re able to call out what you see. Also, utilize the marking system as it’ll reveal their position to everyone on your team. Since you start out with limited ammo, the supply boxes are essential to your victory, craft those bombs!

But don’t forget about your supplies and assignments, you want to take care of those on top of winning.

Good luck!


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