Going to EB Expo to Battlefield it up?

The annual Sydney based expo hosted by Australian retailer EB Games will give players the opportunity to try out Battlefield 4. The game, due out for a Fall 2013 release uses the next iteration of the Frostbite engine by DICE. EA has officially revealed that players will be able to try it out.

A poll on the battlelog website showed that there is an overwhelming amount of expectation and excitement for the multiplayer aspect of the game as opposed to the “revamped” single player. However, despite this, DICE promises that the single player experience will not repeat the same mistakes as Battlefield 3 and will give us a real taste of the Battlefield.

The expo will take place on October 3rd through October 6th, with various activities to take part in throughout. BF4 isn’t the only thing we’ll be able to have a look at though! Other big brands have signed on such as XBOX 360, Playstation, Ubisoft and Activision.

Are you going to the EB Expo? We sure are!


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