Battlefield 4 “Commander Mode” returns and more!


An information sheet by one retailer, GameStop, showcases a pre-order advertisement for Battlefield 4. The sheet, looking rather handmade than sent as an actual poster by EA or DICE, explains what sort of shenanigans we’ll be able to indulge in come Fall 2013.

The return of Commander mode which was last featured in Battlefield 2142, and offered one member of each team the chance to direct other players using a top-down view. A bit like the Strikeforce missions of Black Ops 2, without the option to control your fellow teammates of course.

Also an interesting point, is the inclusion of a third faction, China. Players will now be able to play as China, America or Russia. Whether this will encourage interesting new three-way game modes at all times or whether we’ll see an exciting mix and match up. Now wouldn’t it be interesting if specific maps and modes were only available to a specific match up of countries? Say China and America on the Korean border? (Touchy subject).

Anyway, Battlefield 4 is set to release in Fall 2013, and has since only been confirmed for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. It’s unclear if we’ll see them tick over to next-generation, likely answer is yes though. Why miss the opportunity?


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