Dark Souls 2 gameplay trailer is finally here!

Today IGN got the inside scoop on Dark Souls 2 gameplay, the game we’ve all been waiting for finally shows us some mercy and gives us a glimpse of what is to come!

In this video they showcase some of the striking resemblance between the now and back then. Dark Souls II definitely looks and feels a little like a cross breed between Demon Souls and Dark Souls. One can only hope that the damage meters are rectified in the actual release because although the player died a few times in the trailer, he seemed to have a distinct advantage over certain smaller enemies. If I remember correctly, at first I was getting slaughtered by the starter enemies in Dark Souls, could have just been me sucking though.

They showed off some of the new enemies, which look super badass, the big iron turtle is quite reminiscent of Shredder and Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Also the Dwarf Giant (?) that throws axes at your head, cool stuff! Anyhow, the look and feel of animosity as you progress through the game is hopefully still there. Watching a video doesn’t usually channel that kind of emotion but I can definitely see myself walking through dim lit hallways with my finger on the shield button.

We also saw a glimpse of the chariot guy, the guy that’s supposed to come around and punish your evil deeds. Is it just me or does he look evil enough to be on your side should you choose to go down the path of the dark? Anyway, so slaying innocent characters will likely lead you to an encounter with “The Punisher”.

For more information and stuff to oogle at, watch the damn video again!

Praise the sun!


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