“Batman Arkham Origins” information in GameInformer exclusive!

The next Batman adventure starts on October 25th as detailed in the cover story for Game Informer’s May edition!

Warner Bros. now have the task of creating a Batman adventure for the ages as they replace Rocksteady Studios as the developer for the game. WB will use the same engine that captured Arkham City so well in the previous Rocksteady games.  The creative director, Eric Holmes, has “Prototype” under his belt already.

I’m a big fan of Prototype, despite it being super easy, it was also super fun. If Prototype is anything to go by, Batman Arkham Origins will be a prospective gem! WB have also said that they will try and basically “pick up” where Rocksteady left off.

In this game, Batman will face off against eight assassin’s who are coming after him after the Black Mask put a bounty over his head. The Bat will also face off against a potentially hostile police department! Allegedly, Batman Arkham Origins will also  focus more on Batman’s detective abilities.

Batwing now enables Batman to “Fast-travel” to different points on the map without the tedious task of rooftop swinging.

Stay tuned for more news as to what this game will entail!


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