Ubisoft’s new Watch Dogs trailer and details!

Ubisoft presents a new trailer in which the protagonist Allen Pierce is the center of this ctOS threat monitoring report.

So what does this trailer tell us about Allen Pierce? Well first of all, he can hack the ctOS at will and has access to all secure bank accounts, meaning he is able to find out the names and details of any given person, whilst also being able to withdraw funds from any bank account providing there is an ATM. Perhaps more importantly, Allen Pierce is being hunted by multiple parties.

The trailer leaves us with both answers and questions, we now have a general idea of what we will be doing in this game. But, are we the good guy or the bad guy? To an extent we’re saving the innocent from potential crimes (detailed in the video), but we see Allen Pierce shoot at some cops and total a car using a hack.

Perhaps it will ultimately come down to the player whether Allen Pierce uses his unprecedented access to  the ctOS for good, or evil.


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