Battlefield 4 announcement and reveal gameplay! What do I think?

Battlefield 4 has come, and here is the holy grail of a trailer, too soon? Maybe. Will it be fun? Sure as hell hope so!

So what does the trailer tell us? Not much really, except that we’ll have a new set of characters to not get attached to, if the single player of Battlefield 3 was anything to go by, hopes for Battlefield 4 single player being worthwhile are low. But hey, just another chance for DICE to come in hot with a surprise.

The graphics look similar if not the same as Battlefield 3, with tweaks here and there it’s starting to look a lot like Crysis 3, the hallway with the sunbeams and rustling torn curtains being very reminiscent of a scene straight out of the CryTEK playbook. One thing I did notice was that the blinding sunlight has been toned down a little bit, and lighting effects in general have improved, from reflections to sparks, they’re more fluid.

The gameplay sounds the same too, with gunshots rattling through the air at the same pace as BF3. As for destruction, theres no way to tell if any of the video’s destruction is scripted, that’s something we’ll have to test out in the beta/actual release.

From the looks of it, they’re trying to make single player flow more fast paced like multiplayer does. Well I mean, Battlefield 4 single player can only get better from the standards Battlefield 3 set.

Anyway, the game is available for pre-order from Origin, with the digital deluxe edition getting you a free place in the beta. Apparently, we are right in assuming that we will be seeing this on the shelves come Fall 2013.


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