What about End Game?

Battlefield 3, what a long journey it’s been. Having played it over all three platforms available I can truly say it’s one of my personal favorites, quite above everything else. Having played all the DLC’s that have come out in this past year, End Game was a perfect end to it all.

I can’t say if Premium was worth it or not because I came about the DLC’s from all kinds of angles where I didn’t have to pay (legit angles though). But I imagine buying the Premium version for $49 bucks is probably worth it.

Anyways, onto End Game. Introducing Air Superiority and Capture the Flag. So far I’ve only played CTF because I can’t fly to save my life so I imagine Air Superiority is like Tank Superiority except in the air, right? Capture the Flag is as you expect it to be, the objective being to capture the other teams flag. In order to win you need to have the most flag captures, winning by default at 6/6 flag captures. The game also times out at a certain point, which I’m sure is tweakable.

The most attractive addition in this DLC though is the dirt bikes, we were almost there in Armored Kill with the quad bikes but not quite. Now we have C4 loaded two wheelers. There’s something inexplainable about being able to ride shotgun on a dirt bike and shooting rockets out the back at other fools on dirt bikes. Alongside the dirt bike comes another version of the Humvee and Vodnik as well as a new drop ship. The Humvee versions being AA-focused.

End Game also goes ahead and introduces four new and exciting maps, Kiasar Railroad, Nebandan Flats, Operation Riverside and Sabalan Pipeline. All these maps exhibit the same trademark of being just big enough to be annoying to walk over, but small enough so that high speed bike to bike warfare is possible. The bikes will take you from A to B in seconds, providing there aren’t any mines or bush-huggers waiting to ambush you.

Capture the Flag inspires the sort of defensive and offensive gameplay that you don’t see very often, as everyone just wants to go rambo if you’re not playing with friends. But if you do that then you’re going to lose every game, as I soon found out. Plus staying on the defensive and being good at it earns you a lot of points and kills, as I also soon found out.

End Game gives you everything you expect out of a Battlefield 3 DLC, it carries the brilliance of the original game and gives it something new and fun after we’ve all played the hell out of the other DLC’s. We’ve outplayed them so much people are rooting back to the original game and its maps. To be brutally honest the maps in End Game are the first that have felt close to home (as in the original  game), which is why it is so attractive to me.

At the end of a journey, it’s only natural to look back and reflect sort of on how it went. In this sense, I’d say that the best of times were to be had in the original copy of the game, whilst second to that for me was End Game, followed by Armored Kill, Aftermath, Back To Karkand and lastly Close Quarters. That’s my personal opinion, but there’s no doubting that Battlefield 3 was and is a great game with fantastic additions being given to us throughout our virtual military careers.


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