PlayStation 4 interface screenshots shown off

Following last weeks PS4 reveal which left more questions than answers regarding the box and what it’ll look like, Sony have decided to give us a treat and show off the PS4 interface in the form of 9 screenshots.

These screenshots, other than showing off a sleek interface, also show some of the PS4’s features such as video sharing, streaming and social feeds. According to the screenshots, the PS4 options will be available on mobile as well.

Basically, imagine watching your friend land a huge kill streak in Australia while you’re in Germany on your phone, fantastic right?

PlayStation-4_2013_02-27-13_003 PlayStation-4_2013_02-27-13_005 PlayStation-4_2013_02-27-13_006 PlayStation-4_2013_02-27-13_004 PlayStation-4_2013_02-27-13_007 PlayStation-4_2013_02-27-13_008 PlayStation-4_2013_02-27-13_002 PlayStation-4_2013_02-27-13_009 PlayStation-4_2013_02-27-13_001


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