Crysis 3 review, Prophet lives on!

I finally got around to playing Crysis 3 on the PC, and it was beautiful.

Crysis 3 kicks off in a different time frame from Crysis 2, with Prophet making his explosive debut by breaking back into New York Zero. NYZ is now controlled by the CELL who now use an alien machine to produce power all over the world and essentially take over the world. NYZ is also infested with Ceph running amok, and Prophet speaks of an Alpha-Ceph who has shown him the future he must prevent.

Without spoiling any more, Crysis 3’s “end of the world” story is getting old with a vast majority of the games coming out now and yesterday being based around preventing the “end of the world”. However, rich characters, exciting development coupled with epic cinematics on the intangible side of Crysis 3 make up for the repeated and predictable story line. People like Psycho ushering you along the game’s campaign whilst still adding brash comedy and character attachment were why I kept playing through parts where I was stumped.

Along with that, cinematics and gameplay seamlessly flow in and out of each other. Prophet dives into explosive gameplay with you at the helm, with flawless combat that was carried on from Crysis 2, the Prophet’s suit has the trademark stealth and rambo modules to cater to all play styles. The sheer number of Cell operatives have you cloaked and sneaking around to thin their ranks whilst the speed and power of the Ceph force you to become an effective rambo player. Depending on which one you favor, you’ll see yourself adopt in multiplayer, with a wide variety of guns and upgrades available to the player, there really isn’t “one best setup” and the game modes have you experimenting with your suit modules. The ability to customize your suit on the go makes Crysis 3 flawless in terms of augmentation and control. You truly have full control over your gameplay style and as you progress through the game, you will get to upgrade yourself to be your own true super human.

In campaign, several changes have come about to the suit. Being able to choose peripherals to your guns on the go reamins the same, but the suit modules you have active no longer depend on picking up credits from aliens. They are now collectibles found on your way throughout the game and by completing different challenges, the selection of modules is now selected through a slot slider as well, changed up from the previous finger buttons. Gameplay wise, Crysis 3 throws stunning visuals at you constantly, which would normally be a good thing. However, I can’t help but feel like there is way too much grass. CryTEK prided themselves in the detail and effort they put in to creating the grass, but I for one feel like they over done it because there are a lot of the same when you look around, but at least it looks really nice!

It’s no secret that Crysis’ focus is single player, and Crysis 3 does not disappoint in this department by creating a brilliant shooter that looks and feels as slick as ever. However, the multiplayer is by no means disappointing, combining Call of Duty with Halo for multiplayer combat. The CoD style load outs that have been adopted in many games make their appearance in Crysis 3 as well. With a fresh sprinkle of originality comes the game modes and the combination of vehicular and infantry combat.

Diverse gameplay and collectibles will have you wondering what other ways you could’ve completed your campaign tour, giving it some element of replayability. But the main attraction is the beauty of the game, the visual beauty. In the end, CryTEK delivers a truly amazing game in the form of Crysis 3, but when you break it apart and really look into it, it’s not so much a revolutionary FPS game but a step forward in technology for games and creating yet another bench mark for visually exciting gameplay.

4 out of 5


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