Playstation 4 revealed and more details!


Finally, after weeks, days and hours of speculation, Sony has finally come out of the closet (figuratively of course) to announce the highly anticipated Playstation 4.

“The development of a next-gen platform started about five years ago”, aiming to encompass all the things that make console gaming, console gaming. They wanted to think of everything.

The PS4 brings multi tasking to a whole new level, having an extra chip to allow downloading in the background whilst you play games and the ability to play games as they are being downloaded (digital). You will also be able to suspend a session, check something in the store, then load up the very same session with little downtime as opposed to the PS3’s requirement to restart the disc loading.

It will also support a multitude of sharing options. You will be able to upload and download game sessions to share with your friends or strangers alike. Most interestingly, you will be able to spectate other users (if they permit it) gameplay sessions.

Sony has intergrated the support of Gaikai in the PS4, allowing Cloud streaming to support instant demo’s, sharing and purchasing content. Using the Gaikai service, players who are spectating you will be able to post comments to your screen to help you out or give you advice. Gaikai and Sony are also partnering with UStream for video uploads.

The Gaikai technology is set to work with the PS4, PS3, Vita and several of their mobile devices (smartphones). The only downside to Gaikai being the overall dependency on an Internet connection, so when Sony’s servers go down, so does most of the console game functions.

Last, but not least the PS4 controller maintains some of the original Dual Shock’s aspects as well as the addition of a “Light Bar” for PS Move and a touch screen for touch control. It will also feature a headphone jack for quiet audio and microphone usage, as well as a Share button to tie in with the above Gaikai technology. The new sticks are also inverted for improved grip.


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