Playstation 4 exclusives announced!

Watch the Sony 2013 event here.

With the PS4 now out of the box (physically out of the box later this year for us), Playstation exclusives seem to be coming out of the woodworks.

First off, the very first PS4 exclusive is a game called Knack. Knack is a PlayStation 4 exclusive action platformer in development at Sony’s Studio Japan. The main character, Knack, is a small creature with a large arsenal of abilities such as changing size and state to crush or avoid enemies. He is a one man army in a war against a full-fledged Goblin army. More details as the game gains hype.

Another expected return is Killzone in the form of “Killzone: Shadow Fall” where the Helghast will be fighting on ravaged planets for their right to exist. The game will be developed by it’s creator “Guerilla Games”.

A new Infamous game has also been confirmed as “Infamous: Second Son”. It will focus on a society walled in by a higher power where mutants (people with superpowers) roam the streets and Sucker Punch will develop the game along the phrase “our security comes at a high price — our freedom.”

The second title from Braid developer Jonathan Blow, “The Witness” which was confirmed to be in the works in the “Indie Game Movie” has now been confirmed as a “launch window” PS4 exclusive. The Witness will be a puzzle game with a lot of art and “fun stuff”.

Finally, MotorStorm developer Evolution will have a new first-person racing game, exclusively for the PS4, called “Drive Club”. The game focuses on driving the best cars around the best locations in the world, focusing on cooperative play, be it in teams or solo you’ll always be competing. The studio has reportedly “gone insane” with details and gameplay.

As we see more and more PS4 exclusives be announced, expect some cross platform games to be announced later on as the Xbox 720 gets it’s own reveal.


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