Destiny, Diablo 3 and Watch Dogs announced for PS4

Watch Dogs

Following the reveal of the PS4 and its respective exclusives several studios have come out and announced their games.

Bungie, following their weekend reveal just last Sunday has confirmed that “Destiny” will be arriving on the PS4 soon after its launch. Destiny is an open world first person shooter, bringing the likes of Halo and mashing it up with item and character customization possibly similar to that of Borderlands 2.

Activision Blizzard has also announced that Diablo 3 will be new and improved on the PS4 as well. The game and its story will not changed so if you’ve played it on PC already you’ll probably only notice graphical enhancements and some gameplay tweaks.

Ubisoft has also confirmed their mammoth open world game called “Watch Dogs” which is set in the future for PS4. Watch Dogs is a game that will feature a lone hero in a city that will evolve around the way you play.


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