Bungie’s next game “Destiny” reveal

The former Halo developers have finally revealed their new game which we all knew would be called “Destiny”. A new link on their website

This is our hope. This is our common goal. This is our Destiny.

A video detailing the development of Destiny is acting as both the reveal and developer diary, presumably it won’t be the last video we see in this VLog.

Destiny is Bungie’s next great shooter and is set in an amazing new world that we’re building. In Destiny, players get to build their own characters and grow them over time. We’re really putting players in the center of the world and giving them control over their experience. From the ground up we’ve built this game to be social and cooperative.

The game will be a shared world multiplayer game, whilst the official release date has yet to be announced, it will be released on the current generation consoles. Next-gen console releases are unconfirmed but a plan indicates that it might be possible to see Destiny on the PS4 and Xbox 720.


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