Bungie’s “Destiny” information leaked

Leaked or just strategically siphoned out of the company? We’ll never really know with Bungie, and as their track record has it, once this leak catches their attention they’re bound to twist it to their advantage and we’ll most likely have more information regrading the game. Destiny is Bungie’s first game since they entered a licensed agreement with Activision, the publishers of Call of Duty.

Joystiq were able to obtain a double sided poster with ominous creatures on them, along with some gameplay details. The poster has Destiny set as an FPS game that is in an always connected world that evolves with the player, you will also be allowed to customize your character as you pick up weapons and what not. It will include multiplayer and co-op elements (love co-op).

Joystiq are also saying the GameStop is receiving pre-order bonuses from Bungie, for Destiny. Sources are also saying that Destiny is slated for an Xbox 2013 release and a Playstation 2014 release. Will it launch on next-gen consoles? Maybe!

Bungie is set to announce Destiny on Sunday in an official statement by themselves, looking forward to hearing about it!


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