DmC: Devil May Cry gets Bloody Palace on February 20th

Capcom has announced that DmC will be getting the Bloody Palace mode in the form of a free DLC on February 20th. This is the first but not the only confirmed DLC for DmC, with Vergil’s Downfall somewhere around the corner.

Although DmC was released almost a month ago, I was under the impression that when they said “soon after the release” it would be like a week or two. When it never turned up I just assumed I wouldn’t be getting it and moved onto the next game. DmC is a fun and enjoyable game, but not fun enough to keep the momentum going for an entire month just to get Bloody Palace mode.

The DLC will be available for PS3 and Xbox 360, with no news in sight for a PC version. The game mode itself will be playable once the player has beat the game any single time on any difficulty, well that’s only fair right? It’s free!


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