New Title from Square Enix teased “Murder: Soul Suspect”


A website has gone live to tease the new title from Square Enix, showing nothing but the symbol that the game will no doubt surround. The link to the website can be found here. Although the image above already shows what there is to see.

The game itself will be out on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, presumably towards the end of the year. It’ll launch just in time to get players solving mysteries and being mind boggled before the next generation of consoles are assumed to come out.

The game will apparently test the inner detective within the player and allegedly have players solving “possibly the hardest case of all.” Would that case be the meaning of life? We don’t know, but if you’re into some clue gathering and evidence hoarding before the actual game itself, visit this site and enter the password “Ronan” for an ominous image of evidence, perhaps Ronan is the poor lad we see in the picture, perhaps not!

More info: Coming Soon


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