Killzone 4 in the works at Guerilla Games for PS4

Killzone 4

Allegedly, Killzone 4 (sequel to Killzone 3) is in the works at Guerilla Games and has been since a leaked report back in 2011. An anonymous source has told Videogamer that Killzone 4 is indeed in the works to be published on Playstation 4.

Killzone is a Playstation exclusive an features the run and gun style of FPS games. It’s often compared to Halo and said to be “Sony’s Halo”, but it’s evident that Killzone is not as big as Halo, nevertheless Killzone 3 was a good shooter and Killzone 4 will apparently be on the expected high performance PS4! What is there not to be excited to?

The source also told Videogamer that the official reveal for Killzone 4 could happen at the New York meeting place for Sony’s conference where it is highly rumored that the Playstation 4 itself will be announced. If we are to go by example, Killzone 3 was announced with the announcement of Playstation 3 and Killzone: Mercenary was rumored to be in development when Playstation Vita came out.

More information will be posted as it becomes available!

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