GameSpot has “Crysis 3” developer play/talkthrough on “Safeties Off” level

Spoilers alert! This video contains the gameplay as narrated by Crysis 3 developer Mike Reed on the level “Safeties Off” in Crysis 3. In it he talks about the variety of ways you can approach a certain mission because of the way the engine generates the game. Although a lot of games promise this so the actual testament as to whether this is true or not remains unanswered til 19th February.

From a birds eye perspective, the overall gist of the game remains the same with some much needed and helpful touch ups to the UI, such as the nanosuit upgrade menu. It’s now featured as a slot machine perk bar, which is handy. As per usual there are a hundred of different ways to go about your killing business from stealth to incendiary to all out guns blazing. It’s up to you really.

The gameplay is filmed on PC, but the graphics and beauty of the game isn’t given any justice by YouTube’s lousy 720p resolution. Oh well.

More info on Crysis 3: 


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