PS4 confirmed by The Wall Street Journal

Following the mysterious teaser (original post here) posted on the Playstation blog about “seeing the future” of Playstation on February 20th, the rumor mill went into overload as to what this particular announcement may be. Sony urged viewers to stay tuned for the “big announcement”.

Other sources, such as The Wall Street Journal have fed fact to the rumor mill by claiming that they have “confirmed” with sources familiar with the matter that Sony’s 20th February announcement will indeed be the official announcement of the PS4, which is now also rumored to be marginally more powerful than Microsoft’s next console codenamed “Durango”.

This is big news, so big that it makes me wonder, where is Microsoft amongst all this hype? Have they no response or are they just that good at keeping their surrounding employees and sources mouths shut? It would be a true travesty in credentials for the WSJ if it turned out that the PS4 announcement wasn’t a PS4 announcement at all, but we will see!

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