Latest “The Last of Us” screenshots reveal infected art!

Last of Us Infected

As demos are being played by all the major gaming news sites and information is being fed to us consumers, we get to take a closer look at what it is exactly that The Last Of Us is throwing at us.

The image database for The Last Of Us over at PSU has collected the newest screenshots, which make out in very vile and vivid detail what we’re facing in terms of infected. Demoing game-a-lists (game journalist, I coin this now) are confirming contact with at least two of the infected types, the Runner and Clicker.

The runner obviously runs at you and is a less developed stage of the virus, whilst the clicker is the second stage, and will find you by making clicking noises with it’s unrecognizable mouth and locating you using echolocation (because they’re completely blind). There is apparently a third stage that Naughty Dog has yet to reveal until the final game.

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