EA puts a halt on Medal of Honor franchise

After launching Medal of Honor: Warfighter to a wall of stubborn critics and disappointed fans, EA took a big step in cutting their losses and putting a halt on the franchise in order for the Medal of Honor team to come up with new, fresh ideas. The studio, Danger Close, has no upcoming titles, will this mean that they are putting their minds to a completely new MoH game whilst they fish for new possible titles? Maybe.

Don’t forget about the Battlefield 4 beta invitation that came with the Warfighter game. The game’s first confirmation of existence was on a the Warfighter cover, most viewed it as EA trying to sell Medal of Honor with Battlefield, I saw it as an opportunity to get a first glimpse at BF4.

The beta for BF4 is set to arrive later this year, perhaps for the next generation consoles? No doubt the beta will most likely be on the PC, since there’s no telling what timeframe the new consoles will be available.

Hopefully we see a new game from EA’s yearly rotation, word is that Respawn Entertainment is working on a new “high-budget” title.

More info: (maybe) http://www.respawn.com/


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