Defiance “Join The Fight” Live-action trailer!

This new live-action trailer gives a sneak peak of what it’ll be like to be an Ark Hunter on the newly transformed earth.

Witness the intense, action packed life of an Ark Hunter on the new frontier of a transformed Earth, as a massive group of fortune hunters race to an Arkfall site in search of riches. This game trailer gives you a peek at the life of an Ark Hunter.

From the trailer we can draw several conclusions, the mosters are going to be massive, there’s going to be inter-racial conflicts and a lot of dust. For some reasons I imagined Defiance to be a little like Falling Skies, but clearly the sheer size of the aliens requires one to think out of the box a little. Also the invisibility/blink type power that the girl had, thats not human!

Also one of the dirty old guys calls the trio in the beginning “alien scum”, so do we have an Earth that’s been infested by other aliens now as well? It all seems very confusing to me, luckily for us Defiance will drop on April 2nd, both TV and Game as confirmed by Trion Games.

Watch the show, play the game!

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