EU PS3 players hit by “Crysis 3 multiplayer beta” setback

Crysis 3

Still recovering from the Skyrim DLC fiasco that plagued the PSN for so long and is only recently getting fixed and amended, PS3 players were dealt another blow today when the highly anticipated Crysis 3 multiplayer beta made it onto the Xbox 360 and PC but was no where to be found on EU PSN.

Players all over the internet are asking questions as to where it is and when it’ll be up, reports have said that the delay for the beta will be one day. This is just one of the many problems PSN is having keeping up to date with it’s competitors, timely content is a hit and miss for Sony’s entertainment console.

Crysis 3 Open Beta for PS3 will arrive a little later than expected in Europe. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but expect it to be live tomorrow and really appreciate your patience until then.

Keep an eye on this post to see if the beta is live in your region for your platform!

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