Crysis 3 multiplayer beta “first impressions”

I didn’t play Crysis 2 multiplayer until it was far beyond dead, barely any players in the lobbies, but the gameplay was still fantastic, the choice between rambo and stealth made everyones game style unique. The unique aspect carries on into Crysis 3 multiplayer, with four unique classes (assault, shotgun, sniper and LMG) boosting the differentiated play styles of their player base.

Bearing in mind that this is the beta and things are subject to change and the full game will most definitely hold more wonders for us to explore, I think I prefer the Crysis 2 multiplayer to the Crysis 3 multiplayer. Despite doing really well in all the multiplayer settings, I can’t help but feel that it’s a first see first shoot kind of situation, unless you manage to cock up your enemies aim or you see your enemy first, you’re pretty much dead. That said, the health depletion is super fast which would make some people cry but it makes up for an incredibly fast paced multiplayer.

The endless amount of satisfaction of landing a mid air kill with the Predator Bow, or bridging huge gaps with your power jump and then sneaking up behind someone completely unaware is just flawless. And just because you can go invisible, don’t think there isn’t a counter. Little red dots show up on your mini map as they would in any FPS multiplayer, alerting you to other peoples presence, if there is a red dot and no one there, look a little closer and you might see the outline of some sneaky stealth player.

The environment itself comes to life in these maps as turbines can go off, things explode and crashed helicopters randomly start spinning their rotors to slice unfortunate players in half. Playing on the PS3, the visuals are nice, but not as nice as I would have expected. Granted the best performance is on the PC, but given all the hype about how beautiful Crysis 3 is, the PS3 visuals are a little disappoints (but it still is the beta after all).

The beta is available from now (29th January) through to 12th of February, and you are allowed to play two modes called “Hunter” and “Crash Site”. The latter is your standard conquest, capture the objective type game mode whilst Hunter is an interesting variation of infected, you hide from the predator as they hunt you. Increasing in numbers as predator makes their prey one of them. Hunter is a fantastic mode to play on your own whilst Crash Site requires some teamwork, but so far the game modes are fantastically fast paced and fun-filled. I’m looking forward to the full version!

You are currently allowed to level to rank 10 and customize several weapons throughout your play, but as always the best is saved for the actual game.


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