New Playstation trailer emerges on YouTube

The above is the short trailer of god-knows-what. It appeared yesterday on Playstation’s YouTube channel, arousing much anticipation and anxiety as to what is is all about.

Many fingers are pointing towards a God of War promotion, although if it is then the date at the end of the trailer is most likely the release date of a bigger, badder, Kratos-smashing trailer that will have the world in awe for its release. This is the number one pick for what it really is.

What else could it be? It could be the announcement of a new game, some are saying it’s a new Vita game. Perhaps God of War for Vita? Others are taking complete stabs in the dark and saying it’s a new Unchartered game.

You can never really know, and Sony likes to be tricky. The last time we had this was with Playstation Battle Royale, and that trailer didn’t cease to impress.

Tune in on February 1st to find out what it REALLY is about.


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