Borderlands 2 never ceases to keep you busy


After fooling around on Pandora and deciding that finishing up all the side quests that the campaign and previous DLC’s left littered throughout my quest log was something “fun” to do, I went looking for more.

Turns out there’s an even more game breaking gun than The Bee shield and Conference Call combo. It’s called the Evil Smasher, the gun in question breaks the game by infecting a second gun with stat multipliers like you would not believe. With it you can take out Hyperius The Invincible in literally 6 seconds.

With that exploit giving me a good laugh and making me feel like a Borderlands 2 god, I went looking on the marketplace for anything remotely interesting. Turns out I missed that Gearbox and 2K Games released a skin and head pack containing new skins and heads (obviously). Since January 22nd you can now buy an additional of 3 different themed outfits per character.

It is available for PC, Xbox and PS3 for a measly 80 MS points or $0.99.


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