“Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance” demo impressions

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance comes in a different form from the previous Metal Gear Solid games. It’s a spin-off so don’t get mad if it’s much more action orientated than stealth. There is still stealth aspects in the game, just a lot less emphasized. The iconic exclamation mark sound is still there whenever an enemy detects you, which is good!

The combat is much different, as you would imagine. It resembles the sort of gameplay you would see from Devil May Cry, but with a lot more freedom. The missions are bigger and allow you to take an action or stealth route, with the combat tying in as a close range and long range attack. The special thing about MGR is the “Blade Mode” where you can choose to slice up your enemies whichever way you want. Also you have to collect their innards and Raiden is more than willing to slice everyone open to get some power-ups.

The demo takes place before Raiden goes A.W.O.L, so it’s not the demo that was shown off in the trailer where Raiden gets all angry in the car. It is however, the same demo that was released to the press a couple of months ago. It is however, very enjoyable as you get to experience it first hand, despite some whacky controls, it’s great and once you get used to it, Raidens variability with his blade is fantastic.

The combat is fantastic save for the fact that the free camera stick is annoyingly bad when it comes to “Blade Mode”, it just goes everywhere. The game itself looks great, and maintains a lot of what Metal Gear Solid looked like, except with a more open mind. As for the story, the demo doesn’t really showcase anything other than Raiden’s bloodthirsty but yet comedic personality.

The demo is available on PSN and XBLA for free, the actual game comes out on February 19th!

More info: http://www.metalgearsolid.com/


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