PS4 may (or may not be) announced in May.

Speaking to a Chilean based website (Emol), Vice President Hiroshi Sakamato hinted at a possible PS4 announcement during or before E3. Confirming that some sort of big news is on its way.

That’s still a big secret, but our friends are preparing Sony PlayStation. I can only say that we are focussed on the E3 gaming event, scheduled for June. [An] announcement may be [made] in that minute or even earlier in May.”

When asked if they were preparing a big announcement or an addition to the current-gen he replied cunningly with “”Probably the first, in that time we expect to deliver great news, but we must wait until May at least.”

This is the closest news that we have got concerning the PS4 release, it comes shortly after rumors have the internet believing that Microsoft and Sony are planning their own special conferences for their respective console announcements outside of E3. If that is the case, we will probably see an announcement in early-mid May or perhaps in March as according to another report.

Either way, we probably won’t see the consoles on sale till the end of the year.

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