Pack-a-punch your Zombie experience with this guide, right here!


If you play survival, grief or tranzit, or even planning on playing the upcoming “Turned” mode, you have got to make use of the Pack-a-Punch machine! It’s just a must, if you don’t, chances are you’re not getting very far or dragging your teammates down. When you first start playing zombies on Black Ops 2, you’ll notice the Pack-a-punch and probably wonder what certain guns will do if Pack-a-punched? Right, well there are some guns out there that absolutely crap if Pack-a-punched, then there are guns that are absolutely crap at first, then get pack-a-punched into a 1-hit wonder.

These are the top 8 weapons of choice to get Pack-a-punched for your indulgence, since figuring out what to Pack-a-punch under the pressure of a hoard of zombies chasing you can be difficult.


Since you’re smart, you already have Jugger-nog as a buff and hopefully since you picked up one of these bad boy LMG’s, you’ll also have Speed Cola. By far one of the deadliest combinations of buffs and weapons is a Pack-a-Punched LMG with Speed Cola (and Jugger-nog for survival) due to the high capacity of ammo and quick reload. For those tight situations when you’re caught in a corner, just let loose on the trigger and spray and pray, your Jugger-nog will keep you up and your big-ass ammo box will do the rest.

2. Galil

One of the most effective assault rifles in the game, the Galil makes an excellent gun to get your headshots with, Pack-a-Punch this beast for a snazzy camouflage and a Reflex sight, and of course upgraded bullets. The Galil is by far my favorite weapon for any Zombie mode, solely because of it’s power and accuracy. It’s a good combo weapon with the LMG’s, a set up I always go for is Galil as my primary and an LMG as my secondary incase of tight spots.

3. Pistol

Which pistol, you might ask. Why, none other than the starter pistol, M1911! Not the most obvious weapon of choice, but once Pack-a-Punched, the starter pistol turns into a force of unwitting power. The pistol becomes dual wield and fires explosive ammunition, kind of like an expl0de-on-impact War Machine (if you upgrade the War Machine, but pistols are better). This one doesn’t often land in my line up, purely because it’s known to kill you if you’re standing too close to your target, I’m talking grenade damage, two shots too close will have you crawling for a revive. If I have to have a pistol, I would resort to number 4, but this one is up here purely because it’s so powerful if you have good crowd control.

4. Ray Gun

Pack a punch the Ray Gun and you have a gun that shoots red gas instead of green. And is also a lot more powerful. In the later levels it only takes two shots to take a zombie down, which is mad useful in tight situations. However, be careful to not be too close to your target as there is some splash damage, and if you shoot a zombie in the leg, they’re going to crawl after you. The ray gun is my choice of pistol, purely because it’s so different from the standard guns and it’s very powerful.

5. Python

When you upgrade the Python, it not only becomes more powerful but also a lot quicker to reload. Due to it’s power, one hit head shots are still a viable option at later levels. The Python can be a bit slow to get used to but is a very powerful pistol if used correctly.

6. RPG

An unlikely contender, Pack-a-Punching the RPG will give you an automatic RPG. This means that you’ll be able to fire off 6 shots in quick succession. As with the Pack-A-Punched pistols, there is a crap load of splash damage so make sure to gather a crowd a fair bit away to avoid killing yourself. This is a good panic weapon if you’re trying to get a lot of zombies off your teammates.

7. Executioner

The Executioner is like a shotgun-pistol that acts very much like a cross between the Python and a Shotgun. It’s double action meaning you can get 5 shots off before you have to reload again. Pack-A-Punching it will increase the ammo size and improve the damage of the gun. It does very well up close but from far off you won’t even scratch the enemy, so it’s good for close up encounters where you need to dispatch the enemy quickly with a powerful weapon.

8. FAL

The FAL is a semi-automatic weapon, which is good for long way off zombies. If you have someone covering your back, this gun is easily the best for picking off enemies as they trudge towards your hideout. Upgraded, the FAL becomes a 3-round burst gun with a Reflex site and with upgraded ammo. It’s a fantastic gun for distance firefights but not quite for when you’re stuck in a corner.

In order to survive, you not only need a good gun, but the right perks as well. A good starter is Jugger-Nog, Speed Cola, Quick Revival and Stamin-Up, you can swap any of them out for what you like to your preference.

Happy Zombie hunting!


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