Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt review

Continuous comedy ensues in Borderlands 2’s third campaign DLC called “Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt”. All is not what it seems in the Hunter’s Grotto as Sir Hammerlock and his adventurers (you) quickly find out. Exotic monsters aren’t the only thing that needs to be hunted in this installment of the game.

Those of you who were hoping for a coherent continuation to the original story of Handsome Jack will promptly remember that Handsome Jack is dead, and that no measure of comedic characteristics can replicate Handsome Jack’s undeniably serious and “douchey” behaviour. The main deviant in this chapter goes by the name of Nakayama and is far less, serious and a little more “stumble-over-his-own-shoelaces” type of guy.

Sir Hammerlock is the quirky and funny old man he’s always been with a touch of sophistication that’s borderline immature, but hey what’s Borderlands without it’s outlandish characters? In this DLC you and Hammerlock take on the many hunting adventures that the Hunter’s Grotto and surrounding areas have to offer, as well as combating the strange and attention-seeking Doc, Nakayama. As Hammerlock said, you are needed to “save the world… again”. Nakayama is unfolding a plot to reincarnate, or duplicate Handsome Jack to continue his evil plan and rule the world. However, Nakayama isn’t quite cut out for this.

Coupled with Hammerlock’s impatience and Nakayama’s incompetence, the DLC maintains it’s comedic trait and keeps you captivated with strange conversations between characters on both main and side missions. And let it be known that the side missions will keep you occupied well throughout your gaming night. Feeling like the shorter of the 3 released DLC’s, Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt still makes a lasting impression with plenty of side missions of the standard go here and kill something or collect this and that, but with their “Borderlands” twist. There’s always a laugh to be had.

As with the previous DLC’s a new vehicle has been introduced, although this one could have done without it since majority of the marsh-like land it littered with jagged rocks and other rock structures jutting out into the sky, travelling with this boat can be a pain in the butt. The new monsters don’t really feel like new monsters as they do “reskins” of the previous creatures we already knew about (Skags, Spiderants, and such). Of course, as a trademark of Borderlands, the DLC comes loaded with a butt-load of weapons and their very own “Big Game Hunt” flavor attached. But once again, I can’t help but feel that everything from the vehicles, monsters and weapons are just reused textures with a different name slapped onto them, the outlandish names help but they don’t cover the faint air of recycled goods.

The new challenges act kind of as achievements as they used to but more specific, there are challenges awarded for finding the four “Human BBQ” pits in a certain area, kind of sick but hey, it’s Borderlands! These challenges might offer the hardcore perfectionist the satisfaction of completing every single objective in the game.

More so, the games new areas are vast, whilst the main mission don’t require you to explore the entire areas, the side missions will have you travelling north, east, south, west and everything in-between. And even if you don’t want to do the side missions, explore them for hidden loot and the sights to see. Despite the entire area looking like a gloomy marsh and not very “happy”, Gearbox’s landscaping team have done well to make it look pretty.

Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt doesn’t feel as big as it should, although it maintains the Borderlands vibe and gives the player a time consuming amount of activities and new goodies to indulge in, one can’t help but feel like it’s all been done before. If anything, play this DLC for the interesting, funny and misunderstood story surrounding Nakayama and his failed experiments. No level cap came with this DLC but Gearbox has promised more downloadable content and a raised level cap outside of the season pass DLC’s. Sir Hammerlock and crew maintain Borderlands stride and try to keep it fresh, any fan of Borderlands should already be playing this and enjoying it!

3.5 out of 5


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