Dust 514 enters open beta and merges with online server

CCP developers of Dust 514 have recently announced the games progression from closed beta to open beta. What this means is that everyone who owns a PS3 will now be able to opt in for the beta and play, basically they’re releasing the game to everyone but will still try and improve it until it is out of beta stages and can be released as a full game.

The question is, how do you move from free open beta to free full game? They’re practically the same thing no? CCP have reassured played that they will continue to improve and tweak the Dust 514 experience just like they have been with their EVE servers.

Moving from closed beta to open beta means that the servers are expanding as well, and to test that CCP have linked the Dust 514 servers with the Tranquility EVE Online servers. EVE and Dust 514 players will now actively be able to communicate with each other to order hostile takeovers of areas or air strikes.

What really fascinates me is that players from one game are the air support for players in another game. It’s mind bogglingly awesome!

Also, on an even more positive note, any players who took part in the closed beta will not have their stats reset. Thus meaning that if you’ve been playing, theres no reason to stop playing!

More info: http://community.eveonline.com/


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