New “Remember Me” trailer stays true to Capcom

A new “late christmas trailer” for Capcom’s upcomming game “Remember Me” just dragged itself onto YouTube. The trailer itself showcases a few more characters than the one we already know about, Nilin. It also shows us some of the combat combo’s we’ll be doing, and it feels pretty standard counter and attack which can only mean one thing, your thumb is about to get sore!

Apart from some new characters and worn out controls, you’ll be climbing buildings Assassin’s Creed style and fighting overgrown bosses in your fragile form and if you do it right you’ll come out on top!

Remember Me looks like it stays true to the Capcom mantra, it plain out looks like a Capcom game, so no surprises there! But, will we be surprised when the game actually launches? That is a question for anther time!

Check back for more news as it pops up.

More info:


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