Black Ops II “Revolution” DLC confirmed

Earlier last month, images detailing the release of the first Black Ops II DLC were leaked. The DLC has now been confirmed by Activision and will be called “Revolution”, and it will bring some interesting tweaks to the Black Ops II battlefield.

The map pack will feature four new maps and interestingly enough a new zombie map. What’s interesting about the zombie map is that with it, comes a new mode called “Turned”. Just looking at the name of the game mode  you can tell that finally you will get to terrorize your friends as zombies in something that feels like the heads of Left 4 Dead and Black Ops II Zombies were mushed together, no complaints there. The pack will also come with a new gun called “The Peacekeeper”, the first ever gun in the history of CoD to come with a DLC.

The maps are unique in their own right, with “Hydro” having a spillway which will crush players in a flood of water if they are standing in it’s way. “Grind” features an all out battle in a skate park, so expect a lot of high vantage points and small hiding spaces. “Downhill” features the long-missed snowy environments, featuring a downhill snow slope in the French Alps. “Mirage” is based in the Gobi desert in China, featuring a run down palace (Close Quarters anyone?).

The main attraction for me, Die Rise, which takes place in the East with a myraid of crumbling skyscrapers. Combing open areas with vertical gameplay, this map will put a new spin on zombies! Combined it with “Turned” and you have a brilliant DLC.

“Turned” itself will feature players playing as Zombies aiming to take down a certain survivor, if they succeed in taking down that survivor they will respawn as them, adding the flavor of competition to the game.

The DLC will be available exclusively on January 29th to Xbox players for $14.99, exclusivity will last as it usually does around a month.

More info: Video


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