EA potential buyer for THQ assets


Back in December, THQ filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and with an investment from Clearlake Capital Group they’re on their way to a “new start”. The original post about that can be found here.

However, THQ’s assets (their games and such) are up for grabs as their respective studios finish off their current projects. Numerous potential buyers have surfaced, two of the more notable ones are the publishing giant EA and multimedia giant Warner Bros.

Via Twitter, Distressed Debt Investing mentioned that not only is EA “interested” in buying THQ’s assets, but has also completed “site visits”. What does this mean for THQ’s games? Will they all go to EA? Maybe not, Clearlake Capital Group has also announced that they are accepting individual bids for individual THQ titles.

According to DDI, there are five potential buyers for THQ’s assets, EA and Warner Bros. are the only two confirmed albeit Ubisoft expressing interest soon after THQ filed for bankruptcy.

If these titles were to be bought by EA, which studios would they be distributed to? One can only imagine at this point.

More info: Distressed Debt Investing


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