EA CEO in a bit of a hot spot

Indeed the EA CEO, John Riccitiello, is on the hot seat for 2013. Head of the gaming publisher that is notorious for shifty customer support and introducing the devils work in the form of “online passes”, that “hot” seat might catch fire come the new year (by fire I mean “fired”)!

Poor Riccitiello finds himself on a list nobody wants to be on, 24/7 Wall Street’s “8 CEO’s to fire”. What a horrible list, right? Especially since he hasn’t done anything to deserve that sentence! Yeah, but no there are ample enough reasons Riccitiello could go down for. Since Riccitiello joined EA in 2007, they’ve totalled at a $2.5 billion in losses over 2008 through 2011. His main motive has been to expand to social and mobile platforms, a transition that hasn’t been conducted smoothly or successfully, resulting in even more losses for the publishing giant.

But it isn’t all bad stuff from Riccitiello, he did bring about Steam’s main competitor “Origin”. In a gaming world that is about to turn the corner on a new age of acquiring games through digital copies rather than physical ones, Origin can spearhead that transition along with Steam for the PC market.

For many though, the bad outweigh the good and things have pretty much gone downhill since Riccitiello first showed his face at EA, but after bringing in so much of the talent in the higher tiers of EA management, who can the board bring on without risking a repetition of the last few years?

Regardless of the decision the board makes regarding the hands EA will be left in, 2013 will see changes for games and gamers alike, in and outside of EA. Will we see a new face at the head of the behemoth publisher who’ll bring new policies or will Riccitiello bring about much needed changes to help him stay in power? Time will tell soon enough.

More info: http://247wallst.com


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