Dark Souls II concept art!

Dark Souls II has been getting a ton of hype since it’s VGA announcement, personally I cannot tell you how excited I’ll be for this release. Although as mentioned in a previous post it is unlikely that we will see Dark Souls II on the shelves or anywhere near them before 2014.

Shame, but not to worry because a polished game is a good game! Also, we’ll most likely be fed tidbits of Dark Souls II information to keep us on our toes. Just like these concept art images, courtesy of All Games Beta.

The game is expected to be out on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, yes PC is getting a version right from the get go! Also, Director Hidetaka claims that he wants to change some of the game aspects to make it “more understandable” whilst keeping the trademark “challenging-as-hell” aspect, will we see a PC version that raises the bar for the game in terms of graphics and capabilities? Maybe, maybe not.

Check out the remaining concept art images in the link below!

More info: http://www.allgamesbeta.com


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