Borderlands 2 level cap raise and more DLC

Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt DLC has just been given a release date and whilst most big game sites are doing their standrad 30 minutes trial of it, some exchanges between the IGN crew and Gearbox are shining like little hand held suns.

Gearbox has both hinted and assured us that they intend to raise the level cap in early 2013, so roundabout January. They have also revealed that their first season of DLC (the 4 included in the “season pass”) will not be the last and that they will continue to support Borderlands 2 DLC as long as players show interest. On top of this, we may even see more characters and classes! Fun stuff!

When the level cap will come exactly and in what form (in the fourth DLC or in a separate DLC?) is unclear, but rest assured it is coming and it will make you want to shoot a crap load more of them skags!

So perhaps we will see DLC all the way up until Borderlands 3 is on our doorstep!? Hope so, I also hope there will be a Borderlands 3.

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