BF3 End Game (with motorcycles!)

Battlefield 3 players are waist deep in crossbow bolts and post-earthquake fire fights, but out in the clearing emerges a glimpse of the final DLC for BF3, End Game.

The trailer, taken from Battlelog under a Premium account shows a teaser trailer of what we can expect from the End Game DLC. Needless to say the trailer speaks for itself, what with the airborne motorcycle. Whilst anything with two wheels hates me in real life, I will definitely be rocking some C4 motorcycles!

The expansion is marked for a March debut, exact date is still obscure but trust we won’t have to wait long to find out. It looks amazing, but when do DICE ever disappoint with Battlefield 3 content? There hasn’t been one I havent played yet.

Go DICE! Vroom vroom.

More info:


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