THQ titles soon-to-be homeless? Maybe, maybe not.

In recent news, one of the gaming industry’s powerhouse company, THQ has filed for bankruptcy. THQ is the publisher of many popular games like WWE, Saints Row, Company of Heroes, Darksiders and Metro: Last Light (soon to be released). If THQ doesn’t manage to pull off miraculous sales with their upcoming games, we might see some of these games either being bought by other publishers or buried six feet under.

When they filed for bankruptcy they were forced to release certain material pertaining to upcoming games and if they’re going to make a comeback it will come in the form of the games listed in the image below taken from this document. Clearlake Capital Group are the group responsible for investing in a “new start” for THQ.

THQ Upcoming Games

Many of these games are set for post 2013 releases, if not late 2013 releases. Which means that if THQ wants to stay in business, they have to pick up the slack. Many may say that the previous titles released by THQ were mediocre and if that was any indication, these upcoming games may or may not be terrible depending on the resources that will be available to a THQ that is going bankrupt.

It’s sad to see such a big name go down (although nothing is 100% yet, they’ve just speculated that they will probably be bankrupt), whats even sadder is that Metro: Last Light isn’t even out yet and it’s received quite the hype. Whilst shallow, Saints row was plenty of fun and a brand new title under the name of “Atlas” is in the works as well.

It would be a damn shame if they all died, but where would their future homes be? And will this “new start” that Jason Rubin refers to bring good things?

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