Hammerpoint and Steam flop over “The War Z”

If anyone has been on Steam lately they would’ve seen that one of the most popular titles is “The War Z”, but is this game all that it says it is? Players and non-players alike have found that the information about the game on Steam was misleading in the first 20 odd hours. So to speak, the information read that players will be able to play with up to 100 others players on several large maps.

When they booted up the game they discovered they could only play with 50 other players on one map. Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal, but they did say that they were going to offer something that they didnt.

Gamespy conducted an interview with Sergey Titov (lead director of The War Z) to find out what all the “hooplah” was about. The interview can be found here.

To condense it all for the short-attention reader, the exchange between Sergey and Gamespy is full of backtracking by Sergey. He makes points about how “up to” doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll definitely get to play with exactly 100 players from the get go. He also mentions that the text read the plural of “worlds” and “areas” because they planned on releasing new content in the near future.

But then he also goes on to say that online games are never really “fully released”. Strange.

However, I do see his point about future content being promised in the game information, but perhaps Hammerpoint should have worded it better. Tons of people are complaining about refunds, which is just absurd because although they aren’t getting everything the expected right away, it’s all coming their way very soon. Heck, 100-player servers are already up. California, a 420km map will up soon (ish).

It’s just a matter of time, misunderstandings were made.

More info: http://pc.gamespy.com


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