Dark Souls 2 tidbits

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Edge magazine released some information regarding Dark Souls 2 that they managed to pry out of the developers of Dark Souls 2. So what can we expect from the game?

Shibuya, the new lead developer of the game basically said he wants to make the game more understandable and direct. In essence, making it easier, saying that the “umph” that makes the Souls series what it is will be unleashed full force after some time has been given to ease the player in. Given that majority of the players who will be playing Dark Soul 2 will already be familiar with this “umph”, won’t we just find it annoying?

Nothing says boring like a tutorial to something we already know about. Anyway, he means to re-introduce server-based multiplayer as well as enhancing several in-game aspects like the interaction with Covenants throughout the game (didn’t really think that was broken, but ok!).

As to when we’ll see Dark Souls 2, it might not be till 2014. The game is reportedly 25% done, whilst the developing team is growing exponentially there is still a lot to be done and release will probably be early to mid-year 2014.

In other news, Demon Souls and Dark Souls developer Hidetaka Miyazaki is reportedly working “full time” on another title. No news about this title has been released as of yet but rest assured it’ll be amazing with a mastermind like Myazaki working on it!

More info: http://www.edge-online.com


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