Rockstar to put all GTA cities in one game, eventually

Rockstar, the developers of the widely appreciated GTA series have announced that they want to put all the GTA cities from past games into one game so that players can interact between them and revisit old landmarks. They said this in an interview with Digital Trends.

This would mean that the older cities would get revamped to modern technology and bam! we would have ourselves a stylish Vice City. But it would also pose the question of how to integrate a city like Los Santos (GTA V) and Vice City, when one is based in 2012/2013 and the other in the 1980’s.

Perhaps time travelling will be involved? Or maybe the city will have aged with all the other cities, and you’d be able to visit the characters but as 20/30 years older? They could tell you stories of how it used to be.

GTA V is set for a Q2 2013 release, pre-order bonuses are on their way and such. The latest official trailer for GTA V can be found here.

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