PS3 gets exclusive DLC “High Tides” for Far Cry 3

The more I play the single player portion of Far Cry 3 and obsess over the open world potentials as well as the story it’s now dragging me into more and more, I forget about the co-op and miserable multiplayer experience I had and begin to think that 3.5 wasn’t exactly the score it deserves so I amend that to a 4 out of 5 since the single player is just so amazing I can’t stop playing.

As a PS3 player, and someone who has played through the co-op portion and not exactly phased by the mechanics of it all compared to single player, I will say that I will be going back to co-op in order to bask in the glory of the recently announced PS3 exclusive DLC for Far Cry 3. Thank you Ubisoft!

The DLC called “High Tides” will features two more co-op missions, picking up exactly where the current co-op left off, so now we’ll most definitely get to continue this linear story. To be frank, I’m genuinely curious what “High Tides” will offer.

The new DLC is expected to come to PSN in January for an undisclosed price, can’t be that much considering it’s only two co-op missions.


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