How to move up leagues in League Play

One of the most pressing questions when you begin playing in “League Play” is moving up from your current league. Will I be stuck with these fools/elites forever? Or will I be bumped up or down?

League Play offers a lot of things, amongst them a fair and balanced way of pairing up players. The only thing that isn’t fair and balanced in League Play is whom they pair you up with. Unwittingly, if you are a solo player playing in the “solo” ranking for Moshpit Series, you’ll most likely get pitted against a pre-made Clan team that is about to wreck havoc on you and your mystery teammates. In the unlikely event that you take the last spot in a team with 5 or 6 “Clanmates”, get ready to be carried. Solo play is quite hard and winning matches on your own with people who are easily over-powered by these Clans can be hard. Therefore, your first goal in moving up a league is to find reliable teammates.

Moving up in rank within your league requires you to win matches. If you beat a team with lesser ranks than you, you will still move up several ranks, but not as many as had you defeated a team with a higher rank. Vice-versa, if you get defeated by a higher ranking team, you’ll be demoted a few levels but not as many as you would had you been defeated by a lower ranking team. In the event that you go on a spree and just completely tear up a few matches, you’ll probably be skipping the whole ranking system and just be bumped up a league. Such is the beauty of ownage, be careful though, if you don’t belong and can’t compete with the new league’s players you’ll quickly find yourself being bumped down again.

League Play does its best to pair you with players of similar mindset, players who are of the same ability as you regardless of age or whatnot. So when you play matches, they should really be a challenge to you as you are essentially playing yourself in terms of skill. Once you find it frustratingly difficult to move up in the ladder or the league, you’ve most likely found exactly where you belong in terms of skill level.

League Ladders

Iron -> Bronze -> Silver -> Gold -> Platinum -> Masters

*each division has four sub-divisions which you must move through as well.


32 responses to “How to move up leagues in League Play

  1. I’m getting quiet annoyed by this primarily due to the fact that I was number 1 on “Gold Division” for a number of matches completely dominating the leader board; I was first by around 1200 score. I went in to my next game (in which case I won) as was changed in terms of division. I was moved DOWN! When I was number 1 from Gold to Silver? What Happened???

  2. I don’t u understand this too, I’ve been top in iron division rank 1 with the highest score for 3 days now and haven’t gone up in leuge???

      • But I’ve been at top of bronze with over 1500 more than 2nd place for 2 days and my mate came on, done his placement games and got put in bronze but got flukey with his wins and ended up in gold after 8 wins, yet I’ve had 44 wins and was on an 11 win streak, I don’t think you can go up when your top of your league

    • I was top of iron devision for a bit as well wondering when it would put me up a devision but it did not

  3. Well I’ve been top of iron division few days now and nothing? Just sitting there in #1 spot waiting 🙂 what happened in the end to you guys?

      • Just because your in first on a division(bronze for example) doesn’t mean someone else isn’t every one is also put into a sub division(for example mine is Midnight Five Eight)

  4. I have been top of silver for 5 days and a 18 and a 24 win streak. I also went 30-2 24-3 and 27-3 for three matches in a row against platinum and I’m just stuck here

  5. Why is it that when I go tryout for my division I end up bronze, but my friends who are all do worse than me end up in gold or platnum

  6. Just so you guys know that there are multiple subdivisions within each division. You can go up from from division but you might need to go up several subdivisions before that happens.

  7. I am rank 1 in silver i am ahead of the leader board by easily 2000 points i have gone on a 38 win streak and still i have not moved up , some of my team mates have moved up from bronze to plat in one day WTF!! ?

  8. it annoys me that it requires wins by your team to progress, every game i do better than everyone in the same game, get 1000 score ahead of the other teams top player but because the rest of my team end up being terrible an dont do anything but die constantly i cant progress because my team never wins but i always do -.- now im currently in bronze placed like 13 because my teams always terrible and although i do the best i can and better than the other team we never win down to the rest of my team mates.

  9. Something that’s unfair people play their placement matches and then don’t play they have 0 points and don’t get bumped down I’m currently gold rank 2 and want to move up to platinum on a 5 win streak, but those people who don’t play do they get demoted or do you have to lose to get demoted if they can’t get demoted that’s BS

  10. I know 5 win streak is a small win streak but at least they should move the people who don’t play out of that division to a lower one so others can join the division the AFK people are in

  11. Tell me how I get placed in Bronze…then dominate every match Im in…didnt lose any games and got up to rank 4. (8 win streak) Now at this point Im still not in Silver. Secondly…why do I lose rank when its a 4v6 in search and destroy, and one of my teammates was afk so it was basically a 3v6. We make it to the final round and lose…I had 15 kills, other teammates had 10 each….Why do I lose ranking?

  12. I started in iron league and was top for a bit then got “promoted to bronze but lost a couple a thousand points. Made it to top of this sub division and got bumped again to silver division and again lost about a thousand points. Now I’m top of silver by about a thousand points maybe I won’t get bumped so I can take this division.

    • I got bumped to platinum after doing crappy in this silver division. I was somewhere around 25th place and it bumped me. Also now that I’m in platinum I realize that solo is not the way to go. I don’t think I’ve won many matches. I wasn’t doing good in silver either near the end but it still bumped me.

  13. I am stuck on iron division and i have been for almost 2 months what do i do i am getting so mad i want to chuck my ps3 out the window

  14. Just to make it clear i myself am platinum rank 1 but i know how the system works it is near impossible to get masters or higher leagues mid season and towards the end but lets say you are on a high 8+ win streak heres what yo do you stop playing for at least a few hours and a new subdivision in a higher league will open up and you will be placed because the game recognizes that you were doing exceptionally well ~ tru3 reborn is my xbox 360 live username add if ya want ;p

  15. I wanted to test this out this season and deliberately did badly in all my placement games to get put into bronze. Easily worked up to the top and was promoted to silver then gold very quickly just from winning quite a few in a row. Eventually got up to platinum rank 1 after maybe 2 days of winning reasonably often. Wouldn’t imagine I won’t be able to get masters in the next week or so so it leads me to believe that if you are winning consistently you do get promoted pretty quickly.

  16. Stuck in Iron division at Rank 1. The people I play with don’t even put up a fight, I’m beginning to wonder if their just bots. I don’t even need a team they are so bad…

  17. Me and 3 others played and we won all 5 placement matches. I was top of the leaderboard the whole time. I was placed in gold and tommy friends in platinum. I am confused by this. Because I am in gold 1st and I have won 7 straight matches.

  18. If you want to level up in league play add me my GT is islarn_786 and im a master also you have to have ps3 and a mic above 13 years of age and must be good no terrible players Thanks

  19. there are differnet sub divisions in the division so there are multiple rank 1 irons so which one actually goes to bronze?

  20. Ranked for days and weeks on gold rank 1 leading with 750-1750 points and i dont get up.. Its almost end of league so i hope i get platinum after months of playing.

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