Your guide to the standard TranZit procedures

Have you played Zombies on Black Ops 2 yet? Have you played Zombies at all? If you haven’t, you’re missing out on what could be the most heart-racing “social” gaming aspect of this game. Forget multiplayer and all it’s camping crap, Zombies has something special.

Personally, I hate playing Zombies online and the only reason I enjoy it so much is because I have a couple of friends that I know in person whom will play with me. Online Zombies can be flustering and confusing and half the people there don’t know what to do, the other half don’t have a mic, which makes communicating hard. In order for Zombies to work as a game and as a fun activity, you need to be able to communicate. Zombies without communication is like doing push ups with no arms.


Despite Tranzit not really being the campaign/story mode we were looking for, the survival aspect of it and the fact that the map is humongo makes this mode a blast to race through. The main reason we’ve been playing Tranzit is because of the achievements, the only ones left now are “Tower Of Babble” and “You Have No Power Over Me”. But every now and then it seems fitting to complete the objectives that have been made known to us. Here’s our Step by Step guide, exactly how we did it. 

Step 1

When you first start you want to kill the zombies in the room with your knife or whatever, then assemble the 3 part turbine as fast as possible whilst killing little to none of the zombies. Open the door with the fan and grab the bus part on your right and scram through the door on your left. Hopefully you’ll still be on the first wave when you get on the bus. Wait for it to depart and when you get to the tunnel and the bus starts to slow down, jump off the bus, grab the big jet engine looking part (it should be somewhere around the wall gun or beside some cars). You should be able to find it really quickly, now just follow the bus and spam R3 to keep santa’s little elves off you. You should now be at the gas station.

Step 2

At the gas station, open the door to the diner and grab the part in there. Then open the door to the mystery box and grab whatever you like from it (or not) and then use the table to assemble the Zombie Shield. The door part of the the shield should be in either of the two rooms adjacent to the room with the mystery box in it. Go outside, and if you’re facing the bus head all the way to the right and there should be a white door which you want to use your turbine to open. There will be another bus part in there, add it and the one you got back at the bus depot to the bus if you haven’t already. It’s good to have four people for Tranzit because you’re only allowed to carry one item per person. Hop on the bus with all your new gear and head to the farm, make sure someone still has the jet engine part.

Step 3

Now you’re at the farm and there really isn’t much to do here except construct a turret and grab the final bus part. There are three parts to the turret, and you have to open the door to the house to access the building table, sometimes all the parts are in the house and sometimes some are in the barn. Also, use the turbine on the building behind the tractor to open it up and grab the bus part. Once you’ve got the part and the turret (which is completely optional) jump on the bus again but be prepared to jump off.

Step 4

Stay attentive on the bus as you leave the farm, you should come across a corn field of sorts, you’ll know it when you see it, jump off and enter the corn field through its right entrance. There will be gremlins and limited visibility but with practice you’ll know exactly where it is even with a gremlin clawing your face off. You want to head straight in, then take the first right, then look to your left for a small opening in the field to a narrow passage in the field. At the end of this passage is Nacht Der Untoten! Take in the beauty of this map from CoD: World At War and then grab the Handle part of the super weapon, it should be easy to find. You can take a break here for about 10 seconds as no zombies will catch up yet. Now make your way back to where you jumped off the bus. As you come out of the corn field head right and stick to the right side of the map, there will be a bunch of rocks that you can follow and eventually you will end up at the Power Station.

Step 5

At the Power Station, open up the door to what looks like an outhouse, jump down and grab the parts to turn on the power, make sure you haven’t dropped the handle or the jet engine. Then turn on the power. As the door opens in the room you turned on the power, sprint up the stairs and here is where you can make an electric trap which sucks and is completely useless so don’t even bother. But there is one important part that you do need. Where you have to jump over the gap to get to the Tombstone machine, gently walk off the edge to land on a broken ledge underneath and grab what looks like a bunch of wires or cables. Then get out of there and get on the bus.

Step 6

Now you should be in the 5th area, the Town. This place is just waiting to collapse with lava cracks left and right. You want to wait till the bus leaves so you can get out of the little square that it locks you in, or pay your way through the door to the bank. Either way, unlock the door right opposite to the bank where the pool table is. In here is a table which you will use to construct your uber-weapon. You should already have 3 parts (assuming there are four of you), use all of them with the table and watch as your uber-weapon starts to assemble. Only one thing missing now!

Step 7

Head back outside and look into the mist in the direction that you rode in on the bus on. It’s time to run through this mist, as per usual beware of gremlins, this time stick to the left of the map and eventually you should get to a creepy little hut. Here you need to pick up the final part of the uber-weapon. Also if you have enough points (3000), pick up the Bowie Knife as it helps a lot with melee kills (instant kill up to wave 7 or something). Once you have these parts and are done with floundering about in the mist, head back the very same way you came and back into the building where you build your uber-weapon and add the last piece.

Step 8

You should now have a jet engine which will obliterate almost any hoard of zombies. Be careful as it does have an over-clocker and if it is over-clocked it will go boom and you may have to reassemble it again. But since there are four of you, cycling through jet engine users should ensure your victory over the Zombies. Technically Step 8 means just tear shit up.

This sequence of steps was the easiest way we found in progressing through each area of Tranzit without having to get on the bus and going multiple rounds through the map. We did all this whilst maintaining a very low level wave. By the time we got the super weapon and made room for a couple of mistakes we were on Wave 12 or something. It can be done and with a bit of practice you can navigate the mist without a problem. The Zombie shield is super useful as its melee attack launches Zombies several feet into the air and far away from you. The turbine helps you open hidden doors. The electric trap is useless and the turret is skippable. What you really want to achieve is getting the uber-weapon and then just destroy stuff.


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