Black Ops 2 League Play

So as people being “prestiging” left and right, players begin to wander out of the standard public match and more and more pour into the “League Play” section of multiplayer. Requiring you to play 5 placement matches that will determine your skill level, it removes the possibility that you will be placed with incompetent noobs for the entirety of your session. It also removes to possibility that you will own as much as you did in “Public Match”.

There are two series you can take part in, the Moshpit Series which carries a solo rank and does not allow split screen, it does however allow parties which is silly considering most parties will be made of pre-formed teams who know their own and everyone else’s role. The second series is the Champions series which carries a team ranking, so obviously this is for those players who would rather play competitively with friends or just have a good team/clan that they are part of.

After playing the 5 placement games, you are shoved into a 200 person ladder which you must climb by winning points. The 6 ladders that have been made known to me and Platinum, Master, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Iron division. You move up the ladder by gaining points (winning matches) and move down by losing match (which deducts points). Now, assuming you don’t get thrown into a match with the entire other team being a clan, the chances of you completely wiping the floor with the other team should be minimal since everyone should be around the same skill level as you. That’s part of why the matchmaking takes years to process. As you move up ladders, it’ll get increasingly difficult as the players become more and more experienced and skilled.

So the point of this? It’s a trial season to test the whole ladder, competitiveness of it all out before the real deal begins on December 1st. For now, climb the ladder and show off to your friends how good you are, come December, perhaps there will be prizes? What it really brings to the table is a way to play with players who are at the same mentality as you are and are as competitive. All unlockables are unlocked and competition is fair. Enter League play and test you capabilities.


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