Activision and Treyarch pull the plug on Nuketown 2025

Possibly the greatest map in the history of Call of Duty and the selling point of Black Ops 2, Nuketown 2025 has been removed from online public match options following the end of Double XP weekend. This has been confirmed by Treyarch game designer, David

Nuketown 2025 was the revamped version of the Nuketown map from the original Black Ops and it seems the only way you will be able to play Nuketown now is to create a custom game or revert back to the first game. Players who want to gain multiplayer experience are out of luck.

However, Nuketown Zombies is still a playable map for online interaction. But as of now, the Nuketown 2025 moshpit playlist that we all loved is gone.

Vonderhaar later tweeted a response to questions asking if we will ever get it back giving a very vague response resembling “eventually” in short.

Disappointing, Treyarch! Don’t make us pay for a the DLC again in the future, or else!


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