Crysis 3 “fields” gameplay

Crysis 3’s latest big drop is the “fields” gameplay which features Prophet (you) and some really angry British guy maneuvering through a field through a field filled with beautiful scenery that is about to get blown up. 

Several things are in this video, such as the stunning graphics which is in the department that CryTek never fails to disappoint. Furthermore, the Predator bow! The sole reason that makes this game so much more awesome than it already is! Fantastic! Also, if it isn’t just me, the cloaking mechanic seems to have improved and overall look of the interface feels the same but better. 

Judging from the mission, the CELL are back and robbing people of their dignity and money. There’s a death ray beam thing up in the sky that looks like a giant laser dot, and as the British guy has told us “if that finds you, you’re fucked”.

With a February 2013 release date, and a year of potentially awesome games to come, the universe might just persuade me to buy a PC just so I can experience Crysis to the fullest that my PC will let me. Console versions are still stunning but I want more!  


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